Chilean Temperate Artrhopoda 2009

Valdivia and Chiloe Pitfall traps

In January 2009 we started in Valdivia collecting the pitfall traps that Kip left in the forests in November 2008. We wanted to know what animals are abundant and what species. The traps were sorted out I Santiago and then Elizabeth brought all the beetles and the spiders back to USA for final process and identification.

By Dr. Elizabeth T. Arias

Destruction of the native Forests in the Valdivia region.    Elizabeth and Ian collecting the traps in the Chiloe Island.

Palena Field Expedition.
This March 2009, I decided to go to Palena, a pristine area that have been almost no collections of Arthropoda. We left Santiago and took the road through Osorno, and we pass Bariloche in Argentina and got to the limit between Chile and Argentina.

We overnight at the Corcovado city in a cabaña where we prepared all our collecting fogging gear.

The Patagonia Argentina looks so immense; Elizabeth is catching a photo of some flamingoes.

Gabriela, Sergio and Niko during the fogging of this huge tree in Palena

A female lucanid quite in a rush.

There is also the lucanid male that has huge mandibles, although he is very fragile.

In this time we found a considerable number of predators likes this lady bird.

Near by Palena there is a volcano in activity, we decided to fog some trees to see the population during this event. All is covered by ashes. Even the samples we tok has some ashes as well.