A pictorial sample of Chilean Click Beetles
Click beetles is a very diverse group. Chilean clicks comprises about 133 species but are there more to be discover because the Chilean biota has not properly explore and describe. Regarding click beetles: the larval stage feeds on roots of grass. It is possible to find adults under bark or under rocks. However my studies reveals that many species are yet to be discovered.
Paracardiophorus humeralis Fairmaire & Germain
Distribution: Metropolitan Region in Chile
Features: 4-5 mm long
Anaspasis parallela (Solier)
Distribution: VII-IX Region in Chile
Features: 7.5-12 mm long.
Hemicrepidius amoenus (Philippi)
Distribution: X Region in Chile
Features: 10.5-15 mm long.
Lacon chilensis Solier
Distribution: VII- X Region in Chile
Features: 14-20 mm long.
Phanophorus perspicax (Guérin-Méneville)
Distribution: VII-X R Region in Chile
Features: 10-14 mm long
Semiotus luteipennis Guérin-Méneville
Distribution: VII- XI Region in Chile
Features: 23-36 mm long

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