A survey of terrestrial Arthropoda in Chilean temperate forests
This project is supported by the USA National Science Foundation DEB-0445413
Hello all, I am happy that I have been able to send photos of our work in the field. We are now in southern Chile. Our team is composed of Dr. Charles Griswold who works on spiders. Our nickname for him is 'Pope of spiders.' Hannah Wood is a graduate student doing her thesis at UC Berkeley and she is working with Dr. Charles Griswold. We also have Professor Richardson from CSIRO in Australia. He is interested in the beetles from the canopy and also jumping spiders. Dr. William Shepards, is also a part of our team and is here collecting aquatic beetles. We also have undergraduate Chilean students Gabriela Urrutia and Carolina Holmqvist who are working with us on the arthropod collections. Erica Venavides, who is a park ranger, and Sergio Ocares, who is a parataxonomist, are also both in our team. Please ask us any questions you have about our pictures or travels. We would be glad to answer them.
Question El coleoptero amarillo se llama tortuguita por que tiene caparazon?
Question Qué significa arthropoda?
Answer Arhropoda, From the Greek (arthron, meaning joint) and (pous/podos meaning foot). Articulated foot. Artropoda, significa artros = articulacion y poda = pata
Question 1-¿A qué familia pertenecen los chenoderus bicolor solier? y ¿Qué características presentan?
2- ¿Los geoburus costalus blanchard son peligrosos para nuestras plantas?
Answer The Chenoderus bicolor belongs to the family Cerambycidae. The common name is little flag.
The tenebrionid Geoborus costatus eats detritus, is not dangerous to plants.
Comment Hi the pics are cool to look at. I <3 bugs.
Answer Thanks
Elizabeth Arias,
Associate Specialist
Kipling Will,
Associate Professor

Elizabeth Arias (EMEC) and Mario Elgueta (MNNC)
working on the material collected off season March 2005