Dr. John Lawrence Retired CSIRO Scientist

Dr. Lawrence is one of the most prominent scientists who has dedicated his career to study the fantastic world of beetles. His incredible work is expressed in many publications such as the Australian Beetles, which a number of scientists in the world use as a main tool to know about the families of beetles, using characters and keys in his book.

Dr. Lawrence recently completed work on the second volume on Coleoptera for the Handbook of Zoology. He is a coeditor of the volume (along with Dr. Rolf Beutel and Dr. Rich Leschen), and have cowritten near 50 chapters. He is a consultant of Tree of Life project, where his work involves coding morphological characters of more than 300 beetle taxa.


Dr. Lawrence is retired, and lives with his wife Rachel in Gympie, Australia where he continues his extraordinary work on beetles.
Drawing by Ainsley Seago